Introducing Amplifyr Coaching for Musicians

We do marketing & business coaching for musicians through our sister company Amplifyr.

If you're interested in:
• honest feedback
• exploring your goals
• understanding your current reality
• figuring out the options or obstacles you face
• committing to taking action

Then you will benefit from coaching.


Amplifyr coaching can be exploratory or follow our fixed 6-session framework. Amplifyr exists to help you create & understand your vision & turn it into a plan.

About Coaching with Amplifyr

The sole aim of Amplifyr is to help talented artists achieve their potential.

We want to help you focus and get clear on your vision so you can break it down into the actions required to keep you moving towards your goals.

Too many artists don't have a plan. Which ends up in wasted talent.

Coaching is not about offering advice. It's about encouraging and supporting you, enabling you and giving you the understanding & confidence to commit to your own unique journey.

However you choose to work with us, whether it's ad-hock one off coaching sessions to specifically focus on a current challenge, block bookings to explore things more widely or by taking our 6-session Amplifyr Framework, you will leave with a clearer idea of your most important projects, the most important next steps within them and the actions you need to take to keep you moving towards your goals.


This is our unique 6-session coaching programme for musicians that will take you through a process of vision mapping, day dreaming, story crafting, step setting, reverse engineering and rhythm writing. More details here.

You will leave with a clearer view of your vision for your music, your goals and the steps you're going to take to make progress.
If you have any questions or are interested in a free 30-minute introductory session, get in touch here.

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