What we do & how do we do it?

Unless you're a seriously lucky artist, you will probably come to realise that in the early stages of your career, you're going to have to make a lot happen yourself. There is a DIY revolution in music going on.

Once you've embraced that fact and started to realise that rather than it being a hindrance, being an independent artist is an opportunity to inject your creativity into every aspect of your project with complete creative control, it can start to feel liberating & empowering... if a little daunting & overwhelming!

Humans & Other Animals exists to take on some of the responsibility, to take away some of the stress & pressure, and to help you make sure you present yourself in the best possible light as an independent artist while starting to develop & grow  your direct-to-fan business.

There's so much you need to do DIY in the early-stages of your career to get yourself label or management ready.

But you don't have to do it alone.

How do we help you release your music?

We help you create a release plan & timeline, choose a distributor, plan & schedule a social media & email marketing campaign, create a press release & bio, set up an electronic press kit, put a target press, radio & playlist contact database together, create a direct-to-fan strategy & merch plan and provide project management via weekly 1-hour consultations.

How do we help you connect with your fans?

We start with your artist community. You need to understand that 1,000 Instagram followers does not equal ≠ 1,000 fans.

In our books, a fan is someone who's prepared to support you by buying tickets or merch. There's far more to it of course & fandom can't just be distilled down to a simple financial relationship, but what is certain is that someone who clicks like on Facebook but never comes to a show or never streams your latest single, is not a fan!

We'll help you visualise your community, build the platforms required to enable community development & get a better understanding of your audience so you can give them what they want.

Understanding who your fans are & what they want from you is key to making them feel connected to you & part of your artist community.

The next step is coming up with ways to incentivise them off social media & into your artist community.

How will we help you grow your audience?

We'll help you to understand your core values as an artist and how to put them out there in your content so it's easy for potential fans to see why they should bother following you & joining you on your journey.

We'll also use paid social media marketing to consistently grow your audience on key platforms.

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