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Digital & Direct-to-fan Marketing.

What are Humans & Other Animals and why should you care?

We believe that if you focus on your music first, your fans second and everything else after that, you should be able to build a sustainable business doing what you love. It's all about your music and your fans. Everything else is smoke and mirrors!

We help artists develop & grow direct-to-fan businesses.
We can even use smoke and mirrors if you like but you have to bring the music, love your fans and and have have a desire to grow!

We believe in entrepreneurialism in music. We help early-stage artists recoup their investment. We refuse to believe that emerging artists can't make money. 

We do digital marketing, planning & strategy, release campaigns, social media, audience development, fanbase & community growth for emerging artists who want to get label or management deal ready through to established artists who want to spend more time on music & content.


Case study / Camens

Zero to 100 Patreons

Camens are an indie-pop band from Stoke who have worked with H&OA since December 2019. When Coronavirus hit in March 2020 and the band, like many others, had to postpone their first ever headline show, they took it upon themselves to come up with other means to finance their project. By the end of Summer, Camens had launched 'Ambassadors of Camens' - A modern fan club and paid content offer adimistered on Patreon.

What we did - Project management, email marketing, social/content strategy, D2F platform setup

What we achieved - By October 2020 the band had over 100 subscribers and are ploughing their monthly income back into recording & marketing.


The most important thing about anyone who works with you on a creative project is that they are as passionate about what you do as you are. Rich's enthusiasm for what we do, coupled with a business head has made things progress in every aspect since we began working together. We are now a financially viable small business with a genuine sustainable future as a result of Rich's support and mentoring. We value him and his services massively.

Case study / Ian Britt

Spotify Growth

Way back in 2011, when artists like Coldplay, Adele & The Black Keys were holding releases back from going onto streaming services due to payouts being too low, we helped Ian release his first independent album on those very same platforms! Since then 'Box' has been streamed almost 250k times on Spotify alone & in 2012 a song Ian released four years earlier was picked up and used in the hit US TV show Parenthood. 'The Shape of Us' currently sits at almost 16million streams!
We currently work with Ian on Spotify growth, product development, D2C e-commerce, web development & marketing strategy.

What we did - In August 2020, we launched a Spotify growth campaign using paid social ads

What we achieved - Ian has seen consistent growth with a 10% increase in Spotify followers every month


Rich has been an invaluable aid to my career with all the time-consuming admin around being an independent artist, the crap that pulls you away from actually being a musician. There are a lot of cash grabbing chancers in this industry, but Rich is not one of them. I trust him completely, let him help build your infrastructure so you can get back to creating.

Case study / Iwan Gronow

Journey to a debut EP release

Iwan started working with H&OA in August 2019 with the release of his debut single 'In The Mire'.  Up to that point Iwan's experience of the music industry was through the lens of a major label signed band so doing things independently was a leap into the unknown. We helped Iwan release another two singles before his debut EP dropped in October 2020.

What we did - Release campaign strategy & admin, marketing, social media, starter-level PR, playlist pitching, website development & email marketing

What we achieved - Iwan has achieved over 20k streams & is developing a direct-to-fan business that will enable him to keep releasing new music sustainably to his growing audience of fans


Rich has been a massive help to me. Our time together has helped me continue to release music and build a following. Our aim at the start was to let me grow creatively and not have the task of the release admin and promotion side. Writing and recording takes up so much of my time and I didn’t want to get distracted from that. Working with Rich has made that happen and together we’ve learnt a lot, whether it’s the social media, playlisting, fan engagement it’s all helped and long may it continue.

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